To stitch is to forge connections. Regardless of the method used, there are always loops inside of loops, fibers joining other fibers. Stitching is an ideal analogy for the way I observe and process the world around me, and why it has become my most consistent form of artistic expression. My practice deepens through the use of scraps and ends from previous projects - the fragments alone aren't enough, but when tied together they create a stronger and more visually interesting fiber. The use of discarded or otherwise unusable textiles also provides me with materials in a conscious and resourceful way, which I believe is essential to counteract the consumerist society we currently inhabit. To do this I employ a wide variety of techniques: knitting, hand sewing, machine sewing, crochet, weaving, as well as improvisational quilting. This experimentation yields new juxtapositions of surface textures and combinations of color. My multilateral approach allows me to work in the space between fine art and functional craft. I build on domestic traditions with contemporary experimentation to combine aesthetic form and utilitarian function. Using clothing and textiles as my media allows me to interact with my audience in a tactile and intimate way. The humble thread connects my heart to my hands, from my studio to my community.