on why i love to make

by katrina perdue

Because for me, sometimes words are not enough to let someone know how much you appreciate them. How they open up their soul to you, hold your hand through pain and struggle, comfort you through the darkest paths. This is when my most passionate work is created. It becomes so much more than just fiber and pattern - it transforms emotions into a tangible piece of fabric that can be held, worn, carried, wrapped, and felt. My heart can be poured into my work through my hands. It doesn't need to be complicated work - sometimes these are the most simple pieces. The pieces in which I can focus on the sentiment and not the skill itself - a meditation on compassion and love and giving. An appreciation for the process as it unfolds.

From the planning...

...to the making...

...and finally, the giving.

Thank you to my dear friend, for inspiring me to keep creating - and reminding me of how lovely the process feels.

xoxo and Happy Birthday.